Ideal for boundary security, our focus is to offer a selection of systems which Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny unauthorised access

Provides ideal solution for a wide variety of high security perimeter and access control applications

We offer a variety of solutions in timber and steel for school, playground and play area applications

Designed to match our Anti Trap Bow Top Fencing, conforming to all current play area safety guidelines.

Security Toppings that increase levels of security against intrusion, damage, acts of vandalism or terrorism

Highly effective alternatives to metal fencing when used to provide protection and access control around electrical equipment

Constructed from 250mm wire double skinned mesh with clamp bars added and anti tamper security fixings.

'358' mesh panels are welded on both faces, with reinforced tubular vertical bars, horizontal rails and concertina barbed tape topping.

The highest possible security rating for fencing. Can withstand serious attempts at forced entry with battery powered tools.

'358' Securi-Mesh® clad on both sides with reinforced tubular vertical bars, horizontal rails and concertina barbed tape topping.

High security mesh fencing solution designed to meet Home Office specifications for use in prisons and mental health units

Staggered double skin mesh panel, effective against the use of conventional hand and portable power cutting tools

A combination of timber and steel fencing, delivering higher levels security and an attractive timber façade

Combination of a single layer timber with a layer of steel mesh, providing security and reducing noise by up to 28dB

Two interlocking timber boards, interlined with a layer of rigid steel security mesh to deliver both security and noise reduction

Designed for use in internal and external environments to provide both protection and managed access control

Reflective acoustic fencing (28kg/m2 Superficial Mass) laboratory tested and certified to BS EN 1793 – 2 Category B3

Laboratory tested and certified absorptive acoustic fencing incorporating an absorptive layer and protective membrane.

Bespoke high-premium, perimeter fencing solution designed specifically for maximum protection whilst reducing noise

Acoustic gates are available in all styles listed above, either single or double leaf or manual or automated.

High quality timber gates available as single or double leaf, manual or automatic and sliding or tracked.

Timber bin stores manufactured using our Jakcured softwood timber and finished with Tongue and Groove effect boards

Our Jakcure timber treatment process allows us to guarantee all our timber products for 25 years against rot and insect attack

Trackless Bi Folding gates that can be manual or automated, an ideal solution where speed of opening and closing is essential.

Swing and sliding single or double leaf gates to complement all EuroGuard® fencing styles. Can be manual or automated. 

 Decorative and traditional design, available as single and double swing gates with manual or automatic operation

Made using our 358 mesh to match fencing. Single or double leaf sliding or swing options, with manual or automatic operation.

Ideal when there is insufficient room for swing gates to open and when higher security is required. Cantilever or Tracked options available.

Double or single leaf gates that can be manual or automated, in various sizes and with different control options.

Single or double leaf swing or sliding gates to match vertical bar fencing, with manual or automatic operation.

Gates to match acoustic fencing systems, with manual or automatic operation in swing and tracked sliding designs.

Specific style of courtyard gate with an ornate curve and railing panel. Perfect for driveways and entrances.

Gates in a variety of styles that can be operated from underground, through hydraulic rams or concealed in a stile.

Physical security solutions designed for utilities sites, including fencing, gates and vehicle barriers

It’s estimated that up to 4% of the world’s GDP is lost through corrosion each year. When installing a steel fence, rust prevention should always be a key consideration; the materials and methods used will have a major impact on the longevity of your fence.

One of the best ways of protecting against corrosion is hot-dip galvanisation: a process in which the entire fence surface is dipped into molten zinc, coating it completely. This provides a barrier protection between the metal and its surrounding environment.

Without protection, steel will rust over time due to atmospheric conditions, with the degree of corrosion depending on the environment that the product is in. Steel is made mainly from iron and the rust is an iron oxide (typically a red oxide) which is formed by the reduction and oxidation reaction of iron and oxygen, in the presence of moisture.

Galvanisation is highly effective in preserving your fence because the corrosion of zinc, which protects the base metal, is very slow. A deep scratch in the surface of the zinc will expose the underlying metal; a galvanic cell is formed at this location, around which the zinc corrodes but still protects the metal – a process known as cathodic protection. The zinc acts as an anode and provides free electrons, sacrificing its ions and keeping the less active metal underneath from rusting. A zinc coating therefore provides ‘sacrificial protection’.

Other protective methods include painting or plastic coating, but these have serious flaws if used as the only method of protection and being applied directly to the steel substrate. When damaged, these inferior coatings can fall away, making them unreliable and in need of constant maintenance.

The galvanising process has a number of stages, all by immersion, that are required to achieve the final finish:

Acid or alkaline-based proprietary products may be used and they may be heated or used at ambient temperatures.

This is done in dilute hydrochloric acid which dissolves rust and produces a chemically clean surface.

A mixture of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride in solution is the standard agent of choice. The steelwork must be dry on completion of this stage.

The final stage involves the clean metal being immersed in a special bath of molten zinc at 450°C where the zinc alloys with the iron in the steel to form zinc/iron alloy layers. These layers are the basis of the coating.

At Jacksons Fencing, polyester powder coating can be applied if required after galvanising to protect the steel from rusting which allows the steel to not peel off with the paint still stuck to it. For installations near coastal areas, a marine coating can ensure that moisture does not get through to the galvanising below, helping to protect the finished product.

Being a well-established process that’s helped combat steel corrosion for over a century, the benefits of galvanisation have been proven extensively. The main benefits are as follows:

Even in cases where the initial cost of galvanising is higher than alternative coatings, galvanising is always cheapest in the long term because it lasts longer and doesn’t require constant care.

Galvanising offers complete coverage, sealing the base metal and stopping corrosion for good, eliminating the need for continual maintenance. The long-term durability is achieved at relatively low environmental burden.

Galvanising provides maximum protection through a tough, abrasion-resistant coating of increased thickness. The lifespan of a zinc coating is largely determined by its thickness.

Acoustic Barrier Fencing

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